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Surgical Instrumentation Tracking and Management Solution

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About NanoMed Tracking

The NanoMed technology is a market changing surgical instrument tracking system for hospitals. NanoMed is the only market solution that automates surgical tray assembly, uses an invisible marker completely unobtrusive to the instrument.

Hospitals are facing an ever growing need to reduce costs, increase efficiency and productivity, as well as patient safety. Operating rooms and Sterilization Processing Departments are prime examples where these challenges must be addressed. Most of today's hospital tray assembly processes are very inefficient, time consuming, inaccurate and prone to human error.


Tracking to a Better Life

Utilizing nano quantum dots to mark and label medical instruments.

NanoMed Tracking's Advantage

NanoMed developed a revolutionary solution to these challenges, an innovative system that offers an immediate ROI, enhances patient safety and improves instrument management.

What makes the NanoMed system unique is the revolutionary Optical and Quantum Dot technology. A unique polymer/QDot marker, completely invisible to the eye and unobtrusive to the surgeon is applied to each instrument. Our optical scanner then reads within seconds the unique markers on the instruments in the surgical tray and identifies if the tray is complete or has any missing instruments via a data management software system.


Contact Us

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NanoMed Tracking, Inc.

A subsidiary of Global Cancer Technology

16776 Bernardo Center Dr., Suite 203

San Diego, CA 92128

Phone: 858-221-0901


CEO Profile: Click HERE.

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